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December 17, 2012
China Makes First Asteroid Fly By
Beijing (XNA) Dec 17, 2012
China's space probe Chang'e-2 has successfully conducted a maneuver in which it flew by the asteroid Toutatis, about seven million km away from the Earth. Travelling in deep space, Chang'e-2 made the flyby on Dec. 13 at 16:30:09 Beijing Time (08:30"09 GMT), the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND) announced on Saturday. The flyby was the first time an unmanned spacecraft launched from Earth has taken such a close viewing of the asteroid, nam ... read more
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Rocket Burn Sets Stage for Dynamic Moon Duos' Lunar Impact
The lunar twins of NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission have each completed a rocket burn that has sealed their fate. The burns modified the orbit of the formation-flying ... more

No plans of sending an Indian on moon
India has no plans to put an astronaut on the moon, as of now. Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office V Narayanasamy in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday said this. The minister also said ... more

Asteroid Toutatis Slowly Tumbles by Earth
Scientists working with NASA's 230-foot-wide (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, Calif., have generated a series of radar data images of a three-mile-long (4.8-kilometer) asteroid th ... more
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Microquasar found in neighbor galaxy, tantalizing scientists
For the first time, astronomers have found a microquasar - a black hole devouring material from a companion star - in a galaxy beyond our own Milky Way. The object, pumping out X-rays and bright bur ... more


NASA's EUNIS Mission: Six Minutes in the Life of the Sun
In December, a NASA mission to study the sun will make its third launch into space for a six-minute flight to gather information about the way material roils through the sun's atmosphere, sometimes ... more
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Study Reveals a Remarkable Symmetry in Black Hole Jets
Black holes range from modest objects formed when individual stars end their lives to behemoths billions of times more massive that rule the centers of galaxies. A new study using data from NASA's S ... more

Meteor shower dazzles in night sky
Clear skies and lack of moonlight created perfect viewing conditions for a meteor shower some observers in the U.S. Northeast called the best they'd ever seen. ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
US ready for North Korea talks 'without preconditions'

US urges talks as North Korea brags of nuclear arsenal

Tillerson 'confident' in North Korea talks plan

Kim vows to make N. Korea 'strongest nuclear power'

US, S. Korea 'discuss' military drills amid Olympic worries

South Korean leader starts fence-mending trip to China

Dennis Rodman: Trump and N. Korea's Kim 'pretty much the same'


ASU researchers propose new way to look at the dawn of life
One of the great mysteries of life is how it began. What physical process transformed a nonliving mix of chemicals into something as complex as a living cell? For more than a century, scientis ... more

Alcohol constrains Physical Constant in the Early Universe
Radio-astronomical observations of a distant galaxy indicate that the ratio of the proton's mass to that of the electron has hardly changed over cosmic history. This fundamental constant of na ... more

12 Matter Particles Suffice in Nature
How many matter particles exist in nature? Particle physicists have been dealing with this question for a long time. The 12 matter particles contained in the standard model of particle physics? Or a ... more
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Solar systems for home and business
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24-armed Giant to Probe Early Lives of Galaxies
A powerful new instrument called KMOS has just been successfully tested on ESO's Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile. KMOS is unique as it will be able to observe not just one, ... more

NASA's Hubble Provides First Census of Galaxies Near Cosmic Dawn
Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have uncovered a previously unseen population of seven primitive galaxies that formed more than 13 billion years ago, when the universe was less than ... more
24/7 News Coverage
Hydropower dams can be managed without an all-or-nothing choice between energy and food

Researchers establish long-sought source of ocean methane

Researchers pin down one source of a potent greenhouse gas

Warming Arctic is 'new normal,' will affect us all: report

West coast earthquake early warning system continues progress toward public use

NASA's CATS concludes successful mission on Space Station

'We're losing the battle', Macron tells Paris climate talks


NASA Gravity Probes Prepare to Hit the Moon
A pair of NASA spacecraft that have been studying the Moon's gravitational field are being prepared for a controlled descent into a mountain near the Moon's north pole. Impact is expected at about 2 ... more

Hubble plumbs the universe, yields images of early galaxies
The Hubble Space Telescope is giving scientists a look at the oldest galaxies ever seen, dating back some 13.3 billion years - providing a glimpse into how the cosmos must have looked right after the Big Bang. ... more

Student Team Provides Real-Time Video of Asteroid Toutatis
An asteroid that some day might threaten Earth is passing relatively close by on the night of December 11-12, and its gliding path among the stars will be tracked by a team of high-school students a ... more
Halfway Between Uranus and Neptune, New Horizons Cruises On

Dwarf planet Makemake lacks atmosphere

Keck Observations Bring Weather Of Uranus Into Sharp Focus

ASU researchers propose new way to look at the dawn of life

Mining ancient ores for clues to early life

Search for life extends to the stars

Astronomers discover and 'weigh' infant solar system

Search for Life Suggests Solar Systems More Habitable than Ours

Do missing Jupiters mean massive comet belts?

Opportunity Checking Out Some Rocks At Matijevic Hill

Curious About Life: Interview with Darby Dyer

Curiosity Rover Nearing Yellowknife Bay


Cassini Spots Mini Nile River on Saturn Moon
Scientists with NASA's Cassini mission have spotted what appears to be a miniature, extraterrestrial likeness of Earth's Nile River: a river valley on Saturn's moon Titan that stretches more than 20 ... more

New knowledge about the remarkable properties of black holes
Black holes are surrounded by many mysteries, but now researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute, among others, have come up with new groundbreaking theories that can explain several of their propert ... more

Big Asteroid Tumbles Harmlessly Past Earth
This week, NASA's Goldstone radar is tracking a large asteroid as it passes by Earth, and obtaining images of unprecedented clarity. "At closest approach on Dec. 12th, asteroid 4179 Toutatis will be ... more

Greedy black hole discovered in Andromeda
Studying the Andromeda galaxy with ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray space observatory, astronomers have discovered a new bright X-ray source that hosts a stellar-mass black hole accreting mass at a very high ... more
24/7 Energy News Coverage
Chinese auto giant to end petrol vehicle sales by 2025

US void hard to miss at Paris climate summit

NREL research finds a sweet spot for engineering better cellulose-degrading enzymes

Researchers quantify factors for reducing power semiconductor resistance by two-thirds

Australian waste treatment technology plays major role in management of radioactive waste

Graphene spin transport takes a step forward towards applications

Scientists create stretchable battery made entirely out of fabric


An Older Vega: New Insights About The Star All Others Are Measured By


Mining ancient ores for clues to early life


Hubble's Glitter galaxy: The ESO 318-13 galaxy


Fermi Improves its Vision for Thunderstorm Gamma-Ray Flashes


UCSB physicists make strides in understanding quantum entanglement


Unvieling diffuse x-ray emission from nearby galaxies


Do we live in a computer simulation? UW researchers say idea can be tested


NASA Astrobiology Institute Shows How Wide Binary Stars Form


Nearby star much older than thought


Apollo's Lunar Dust Data Being Restored

Point of Light

Rock Comet Meteor Shower

Search for life extends to the stars

Geminid Meteor Shower Coming on December 13-14

British astronomer Patrick Moore dead aged 89

To the moon and back for less than 2 billion dollars

The Bubble Nebula, observed with the new One Degree Imager Camera

Wide Binary Stars: Long-Distance Stellar Relationships

What is Creating Gullies on Vesta?

Secrets of universe revealed thanks to AF research complex

X-ray vision can reveal the moment of birth of violent supernovae

Speeding Space Junk Poses Risks for Spacecraft

Galaxy-wide echoes from the past

NASA's GRAIL Creates Most Accurate Moon Gravity Map

Crowdsourcing the cosmos: Astronomers welcome all to identify star clusters in Andromeda galaxy

Can life emerge on planets around cooling stars?

Heliophysics Nugget: Sungrazing Comets as Solar Probes

Quantum thermodynamics

The dance of quantum tornadoes

A bridge to the quantum world: Dirac electrons found in unique material

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